Crowdfunding for tap room and expansion

Written on 16th November 2018

The Brewery has grown 50% each year since it began and we are looking to double this next year so that we can make the business sustainable for the future.

Our strategy is to increase direct sales to our customers by installing a tap room at the brewery and also to engage with more wholesalers to distribute our beer further afield. We also need to increase the efficiency of our beer production process, particularly around bottling and labelling. We currently do this manually and it takes a lot of time!

To achieve these goals we need to raise funding for installing the taproom and equipment at the brewery, renting additional space for storage (so we have space for the taproom), purchase a new fermenter and a new bottling/labelling system.

This has been a long dream in the making and we need to increase our sales and efficiency to make sure this is a sustainable business for the family and employees and we thank you for your support in this endeavour!